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Italian agricultural conversions.
After the war many Morris Commercial C8's where sold of in auctions for civilian use.
In Italy the company Giovanzana of Mantua bought several Quads and converted these into agricultural tractors.
This was done by reducing the wheelbase bij 40 inches, not by cutting and welding but by replacing the rear axle leaf spring mounts on the chassis.
With this shorter wheelbase the Morris Quad's agility was strongly enhanced and in combination with it's four wheel drive, low reduction gears
and locking differentials it created a very usefull and efficient vehicle to use on farms.
They added a PTO, plain roof and windscreen and a wooden platform was made on the rear.

Some other technical conversions were done from which the ful system is the most important one.
The converted it so the Morris could run on either petrol or kerosene, this fuel is much cheaper in Italy and widely used in agricultural environments.
Therefore a inventive vaporation system was applied to the exhaust manifold.
The cold vehicle was started with petrol and when the engine was warm you could switch to the cheaper kerosene.

These vehicles are rather rare and not much information is known unfortunatly.


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