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My Morris

From when i was a kid i was interested in the second world war and after seeing a victory parade crossing our village in 1995 i became really interested,
Years later, in 2001 when i visited the War and Peace Show in the UK i knew i wanted a wartime Military truck.
Again years later, in 2013 i started looking for one. I made up my mind and decided that it had to be British and roomy so that narrowed it down to basicaly 8 or 15cwt trucks.
Also it had to be restored as we were expecting our first child and free time would be scarce.

By coincidence i came in contact with the owner of a Morris Commercial C8 GS that he had bought to restore, but had to sell due to circumstances.
I responded and a visit was planned and the buying of this truck became reality, i was the proud owner of over 3 tonnes of truck and parts that were partly restored.
With help from a friend the C8 was collected in the Southern Netherlands and brought over to a other friend that owns a restauration company to work on the mechanical and electrical
bits so it could be officially imported in the Netherlands as it was still on Belgian records.

When i bought the truck it allready had quit a workfull life behind it.
As i understand and could trace back the truck was left behind in Belgium after the war and was sold to a garage and used as a tow truck for trucks.
The truck was used until the 70s and sold of to a private museum in Belgium in the early 1980s.
There she was painted in a dark green colour and put on display until she was sold to someone in the Netherlands in 2009. At that moment the truck stood still for more than 15 years.
The new owner started restoring the truck to get her driving again.
A lot was done and eventually, albeit parts were difficult to find, the engine turned over and ran again after more than 15 years rest.

Then, in 2014, i bought the truck to finish the restoration.
A lot had to be done.
After the truck was brought to my friends workshop a inspection took place and i received a list with parts that were needed.
Parts seemed indeed hard to find, but due to the help of several people on the internet, some luck and sturdy searches i managed to find everything that was needed, from brake parts
to electrical components, gaskets, seals and even new tyres. Also the correct paint was found, we were lucky there was still some original paint on the truck that could be matched.

Eventually it took more than a year before she was ready to be moved to my workshop.
There were a lot of issues to be solved and work to be done to make her reliable and save.
Some examples that were tackled are:
-Gascable that was made from several old pieces of wire.
-Bolt trough the carburettor housing.
-dried out cups in the brakesystem.
-clogged up radiator

Also the complete electrical wiring and components are replaced with NOS parts and new wiring.
This results in a very reliable truck thusfar.
When the truck was brought to my workshop in april 2015 the work on the outside started, i allready had worked on several bodyparts when the truck was not at my workshop, but
now the whole truck could be done. I allready made an oppointment at the RDW (the Dutch Driver and Vehicle licencing Agency) which was scheduled early July 2015.
She had to be ready by then and we hoped the would pass directly as we planned to take the truck to the War and Peace Show.
After some weeks of hard work she was ready for the tests and here first journey on it's own engine in more than 20 years.  
She survived the trip and passed the tests with flying colours including compliments for the excellent work that was done on the truck.
Now she was road legal and could we finally take her to events, first of to War and Peace!
In the meantime she was named Myrtle, after he turtle like shape when the canvas is not on it.

Since then we took the truck to several events and enjoy every drive with her.
Alltough comfort is not in her dictionary it is a pleasant truck to drive that handles quite well.
Searching for parts and spares is a part if the hobby and are seldom found, but they are out there.

We know we will enjoy many more events with this lovely truck in the future!


Copyright Sjoerd van de Wal- Krebs 23-06-2017