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Technical details about the C8 trucks. This page will be updated regularly with significant information.

Lenght: 180 inches (4.57m)
Widht: 82 inches (2.08m)
Height: 85 inches (2.16m)
Weight: 2 long Ton 19 Cwt(hundredweight) 3 Quarters 25 lb(pound)  or  3047 kg.
Engine: Morris EH 4 cylinder 3519 cc
Carburetor: Solex 35-40-FVS
Wheelsize: 16x900 British rim
Topspeed: 43 Mph  (70 kph)
Brakes: Hydraulic
Horsepower: 70hp at 3000rpm
Electrical system: 12 volts
Transmission: 5 speed
Transfer case: Single-speed transfer-box with front axle disconnect (except 1st and reverse).
Fuel type: Petrol (98 without Ethanol is recommended)
Fuel capacity: 2 x 11 gallons (2 x 50ltr)
Range road: 240 miles (386km)

Engine oil: 1,5 gallon    30 HD   (13 pints incl. oilfilter)
Oil pressure when warm: 30-40 lb./sq. inch
Gear oil: 7    pints      C 600
Cooiling water total: 4,5 gallon (radiator contains 2gallons and 5 pints)
Transferbox: 3    pints
Front axle: 2,5 pints
Ball joints; 0,5 pint
PTO: 3    pints
Back axle: 2,5 pints
Steeringhouse: 0,75 pints
Brakesystem: 1.5 pints brakefluid Dot 4

Vehicle camouflage.
During war time it is offcourse very important that you and your vehicle are not seen by the enemy.
Therefore the waroffice published a booklet in 1941 about vehicle camouflage.
I've found a scan of this booklet and you can download it here in PDF

There are a few publications available that has information about the C8.
The list are all known publications by date, please inform us if you know of another.
-Maintanance Manual and Instruction book Trucks, 15cwt, 4x4 GS, Wireless, Light Warning and Air Compressor. Book No. 101/ML 5A
-Army Wheels in Detail, Morris Commercial C8 Quad. ISBN 978-903945-1-3 Petr Brojo
-Military Vehicle Series MV8, Morris C8. ISBN 0-907403-18-2 Mike Conniford
-Drivers Handbook Trucks 15cwt, 4x4 GS, Wireless, Light Warning and Air Compressor.

Repair and maintenance.
Owning and driving a vintage truck involves severe maintenance and the occasional repair.
You may choose to let others work on your truck, but more satisfying is to do your own repairs or restoration work.
We will add several instructions and information that may help you, this list will grow over time.

-Switchbox repair.
-Dismantling the board for cleaning or replacing contacts.
-Lubrication and oil
-Body drawings and instructions
-Determining Census and Contract number.
-Postwar Italian agricultural conversions


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