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Part of the hobby and fun in owning an old truck is the searching for parts.

Parts for the Morris Commercial C8 Trucks are sometimes hard to find, but luckily there are some traders that stock some items.
We hope to make an list of all vendors and traders out there that stock items.
Only traders we have dealed with ourselves, or are contributed by readers, and we have positive experiences with are mentioned.

Also, if you are looking for parts we could add your search in a wanted advert.

Sold by traders:

Rob van Meel.
Rob makes reproductions of the following books which contain all information to drive and maintain these trucks.
-Operation manual Morris 15cwt
-Maintenance manual and instructionbook F.A. C/8, C9/B, AT. Portee, AT. C/8, AT. C/8p.
-Drivers handbook trucks 15cwt, 4x4 GS Wireless, Light warning and air compressor.
-Partslist Morris Commercial C8

Champ Spares
Sells brake parts such as cups and hoses and kits to renovate your masterbrake cylinder and small brake cylinders.

Wanted by owners:

-Carburettor parts for the SOLEX 35-40-FVS.
-Inlet/outlet manifold for a early Morris EH engine.

If you have one or more of the parts that are being sought, please contact us.
we will bring you in contact with the person who's looking for these parts.
We have no responsibility for the handling of sales nor do we make any profit of them.


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