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Welcome at the Morris Commercial C8 Site!

In 2013 i started searching for a small British ww2 truck, mainly for a Bedford MW. Coincidentally i was contacted by someone who was selling his Morris Commercial C8 4x4 GS project, maybe i was interested.

I took a look on the 9th of january 2014 and bought it instantly, i was grapped by this truck. Unfortunatly a lot of work was still to be done on this truck before i could enjoy it on the road. During this time i found out that information and parts are hard to get for this truck but luckily i could rely on fellow owners in the UK for information and was lucky to source some hard needed parts.

This website is dedicated to this type of truck and it survivors.
Please contact me trough Email if you've got something to add or share. This website contains what i've learned, collected and experienced through the years of ownership. This means that there may be errors or misunderstandings written down. Please help me if you find something that is not correct by contacting us so we can rectify it.

I'd like to thank Mike Kelly for his kind offer to use the information he has written and gathered on his old Morris Commercial website.

Latest update 22 june 2021.

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