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Welcome at the Morris Commercial C8 Register!

When i purchased my  Morris Commercial C8 4x4 GS project in 2014 information was thin on these lovely trucks.

I started to search and collect information and pictures. I contacted other owners and collected more and more information and usefull contacts which resulted in the start of this register.

The ongoing goal is to register al surviving Morris Commercial C8's in all its guises whether the are quads or GS and even the more illuster post war conversions.

This website is dedicated to this type of truck and it survivors.
Please contact me trough Email if you've got something to add or share. This website contains what i've learned, collected and experienced through the years of ownership. This means that there may be errors or misunderstandings written down. Please help me if you find something that is not correct by contacting us so we can rectify it.

I'd like to thank Mike Kelly for his kind offer to use the information he has written and gathered on his old Morris Commercial website.

Latest update 31  januari 2022.

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