Pegasus Oldtimers is a small-scale company born out of passion for old technology with a focus on rebuild en maintenance off pre-1950 (military) oldtimers and technology.

Pegasus Oldtimers is specialised in periodic maintenance for your (military) oldtimer such as, for example, correct carburetor / ignition adjustments, lubrication and preventive control of critical parts.

We also do full rebuilds of engines, ignition systems, and carburetors.
We've got a lot of experience with British engines such as, for example, Morris, Morris Commercial, Austin and Bedford, Lucas iginitions and SU Carburetors.

But you're also very welcome with your Willys or Ford jeep, Kubelwagen or other pre 1950 vehicle.
Pegasus Oldtimers stands for a personal and custom approach for every project as no oldtimer is the same. Together with you we look at what is needed to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition.
We have access to a wide network, which means i'm able to respond quickly to your wishes.

Please contact me to see what i can do for you.

Pegasus Oldtimers was founded by Sjoerd van de Wal.
I've owned several oldtimers since the late 1990s and a life long fascination with old technology.
Over the years i've gained a lot of experience in overhauling old car engines, among other things, and i like to help others keep their oldtimers on the road.

Pegasus Oldtimers
Renkum (NL)

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